Tucked Fabric Christmas Ornament

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Try this versatile technique of tucking fabric into cut sections of a Styrofoam ball to create amazing Christmas ornaments that look harder than they are.

Here are supplies used:

Mark the lines as desired. I chose to divide the 3″  ball into eight vertical sections by measuring the circumference and dividing by eight. Each section was about 1-1/8″ apart. I drew the lines with a Sharpie. Next, I cut into the Styrofoam about 1/4″ to 3/8″ along the lines. A craft knife works well. I used a 30+ year old surgical scalpel because that is what I had handy.

After covering an area with a fabric piece …

I tucked the fabric in a bit with a tool and trimmed leaving  a 1/4″ or less of fabric…

then repeated the process on the other side of the section. The rolled tape measure did a good job of holding the ball in place while I worked on it.

I found that a small Hera marker worked great to tuck and smooth the fabric into the cut areas.


My fingers also worked well to tuck the fabric in the cut…


so I could then trim the fabric using the folded line as a guide. A pen or other marker worked fine too.

Some fabrics have a design that calls for fussy cutting…

and pinning carefully in place.

After all the sections were in place, it was time to add the embellishments.

I glued a twisted type of cord to cover the cut areas and added a ribbon to hang it, a bow and a velvet flower. This was a fun technique with lots of possibilities. You can find many variations on the internet.

You can see lots of other ornaments in the background – stay tuned for more blogs about the other red and white ornaments  I made for a tree to go in my entry way.

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Ann works in Customer Service here at CreateForLess, and has a passion for quilting. Ann has been an avid quilter for over 20 years and a quilt instructor, quilt designer and pattern writer for over 7 years. Ann's crafting interests include quilting, applique, paper piecing, machine quilting, crazy quilting, general sewing. Basically if it involves quilting...she loves it! Ann is blessed with a supportive husband and two great children (a college-age son and grown daughter) who tolerate appearing in public with her despite the inevitable thread on her clothes.

7 thoughts on “Tucked Fabric Christmas Ornament

  1. Naomi Lake

    Wow i so remember making these when i was in grade 4 at primary school, only a four days left in term 4. It was when my art teacher was explaining how to make these fabric tucked christmas balls showing us how to make the cuts using a stanley knife she kept on telling us “to be extra careful & never ever bring the blade towards yourself when cutting anything because 98% of the time you’ll end up cutting yourself!”
    So what did i do…..?? No sooner i started to cut the lines exactly the way my teacher had told us NOT to do it, yep i slipped leaving a cut/slice on the top of my hand between the index finger & thumb i was then rushed to the local doctors, had to have a needle & it required 2 stitches (Oouch) & the doctor told me to go home a rest up for a couple of days so unfortunately i never had the chance to finish off my christmas ball because school had finished for term 4 & the christmas holidays begun!! Oh n by the way i never returned to the school the following year anyways! Lol here i am almost 26yrs later explaining all of the above to my two beautiful daughters aged 6 & 8yrs, we’re going to make these gorgeous tucked fabric christmas balls to hang on our christmas tree this year!
    Wish me luck!! Lol
    Ann thank you so much for your blogs & sharing all of your ideas because we love them all. xo

  2. Betty Aman

    I like that you use the rough foam balls. I have only used the smooth foam balls to make these ornaments in the past but I prefer using the rough foam except for the way they “shed”.

  3. Kathy Holman

    I made these years ago n forgot them. I make ones now with folding and pinning fabrics ou ball. But trust me after watching this. I will be doing these again. Thank you

  4. Sue Boyd

    Thank you for posting this. I was wanting to make some using fabric from my sister’s nightgowns. She passed away this summer so was wanting to make some “memory balls” to give to family.Couldn’t find info anywhere on Pinterest. Doing male with some t shirts.

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