Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt

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Make a quick quilted Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt embellished with festive Jesse James Dress it Up buttons.

Many quilters enjoy making mini quilts because they are smaller projects which allow trying different techniques and styles – and quicker finished project gratification. They can grouped as wall hangings and hung on small quilt stands for home décor. Here is a Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt I put together using the Double Wide Dresden Ruler and some Christmas buttons.

Here are the supplies used:

Following the ruler package instructions, place the top of the Double Wide Dresden Ruler on the top edge of a 4″ x 5″ piece of green fabric. If the fabric is used more than once, cut the 4″ piece longer.

The 4″ line on the ruler will be on the bottom edge of the fabric. Cut on both sides of the ruler to make a wedge. Repeat for all ten wedges.  If using the fabric more than once, rotate the ruler 180 degrees and cut another wedge adjacent to the last cut.

Fold the wedges wrong sides together (WS) together and sew 1/4″ from each end. Chain-piecing speeds up this step.

The photo above shows the next three steps moving from left to right:

  • Trim the seams diagonally a bit, close to the fold.
  • Press seams open.
  • Turn the right side (RS) out and press, centering the seams. The last image shows a wedge finished and ready to join to the other wedges.

The fabrics are arranged in an alternating lighter-darker pattern.

Sew the wedges into pairs using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Sew the pairs together to create a wreath shape with a secondary starburst pattern in the center.

Press seams open.

Center the Dresden wedge wreath on the RS of the 13″ square white fabric. Use 505 Spray & Fix or curved pins to baste the fabric to the batting as shown. Adding the backing later allows the red thread and knots to not show on the back of the quilt; they will be covered by the backing.

The remaining steps include:

  • Use a small blanket stitch or blind hem stitch to appliqué the wreath to the white background.
  • Make a bow with the red ribbon and sew to the bottom of the wreath.
  • Sew on the buttons with red thread; for shank buttons, cut off shank and use fabric glue to adhere button.
  • Spray or pin baste the batting to the WS of the backing fabric.
  • Quilt the three layers.
  • Make a sleeve; align raw edges with the top of the quilt to be sewn into the binding.
  • Bind the mini quilt.
  • Hang on the Ackfeld Table Stand.

The Double Wide Dresden Ruler makes blocks of different sizes. To learn more…

check out this Double Wide Dresden pattern by Me and My Sister Designs…

and the brand new Double Wide Dresden Book by them.

CreateForLess has a large number of other rulers, patterns, and kits for making mini quilts. Click here for more inspiration!



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