Ghost Boo-quet

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Scare up some Halloween fun with this cute, and easy to make decoration.

Here is what you need to make your own:

To begin, poke one dowel into each Styrofoam ball, hot glue to secure. I glued one ball directly onto a straw to make a shorter ghost.

Use the pinking shears to cut a large circle from your white fabric. To decide how large to make your circle, measure from the top of your Styrofoam ball, to down on the stick–cut your circle so it is diameter is twice this length. You don’t need to be horribly precise, I didn’t even use a ruler, just approximated.

Use your hot glue to adhere the foam ball onto the middle of the fabric circle. Then add a band around the bottom 1/3 of your foam ball, and smooth the fabric down over the ball, holding it in place over the glue until it has cooled.

Cut a width of cheesecloth that is slightly wider than the skirt of the ghost.

Starting slightly above the neck of your ghost, loosely wrap the cheesecloth around the skirt of the ghost.

Cut a thin strip of fabric (mine was about 1/4 inch) with your pinking shears, and tie around the neck of the ghost–pull it tight enough to cinch the fabrics a bit, but not so much that you’re narrowing the neck clear down to the dowel.

Tug and fluff the fabric and cheesecloth layers.

Slide a paper straw over the top of the dowel to cover. To add more length, slide another straw onto the dowel, adding a dab of glue to secure the second dowel in place.

Use the fabric marker to draw a face onto your ghost. Let dry.

Cut each ghost’s stick to different lengths, and arrange in a jar or vase. I filled my jar with some black beans to secure them, but you could use glass marbles, pebbles, candy corns, or other filler. Add other embellishments to your arrangement, as desired.




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