Primitive Pumpkin Row

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty row of primitive wood pumpkins with minimal tools and  basic carpentry skills.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, we’re going to divide the board into pieces–each piece will be a pumpkin. Begin drawing lines across the width of your board using your ruler and pencil to mark each pumpkin. Plan on making some tall ones, some short, make some more square shaped, plan to make some wide–just like real pumpkins, make a variety of shapes and sizes.

Using your hand saw, cut the board apart according to your drawn lines.

Decide which is the top for all of your pumpkins, and arrange your pieces out in a row, butted right up against each other.

Use your pencil to mark the top corners of each pumpkin so they will have a bit of a “rounded” top–vary the angles on each pumpkin to add interest.  Use your saw to remove the top corners, as marked by your lines.

Paint the front and sides of all of your pumpkins.  I used a slightly darker color to suggest vertical ribs on some of my pumpkin pieces.

I also chose to apply the paint a bit unevenly, to give my pumpkins a more primitive and weathered look.

Let your pumpkins dry, and then line them up again.  Measure the length of your pumpkin row, and cut a piece of 2×4 board the same length.

Using your hammer and nails, attach the row of pumpkins onto your 2×4 piece, nailing at least 2 nails into the front of each pumpkin to hold it onto the backing board.  I wanted my nails to show to enhance the primitive look, but if you don’t, you can paint over the nail heads when you’re done.  Be sure to line up the bottom edge of each pumpkin with the bottom edge of the 2×4, so your row will sit flat when you’re done.

Screw a wood screw into the top of each pumpkin as a stem.  I started each screw by hand, and then finished with a screwdriver. Make the stems different heights, and angle some of them to add interest.

Cut a length of wire, and wrap it around the stem several times.

Coil the ends to create vines coming off of each stem.

You can make these pumpkins as rustic, or as polished as you want, depending on how much detail you put into them.  How about putting faces on each pumpkin, and turning them into a row of jack-o-lanterns for Halloween?  Add silk leaves and vines, if you want them more realistic. There are so many cute ways to make them!

Happy crafting!






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