Tiny Paper Notebooks

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a quick and easy paper craft that’s a great boredom buster for kids.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, we’ll work on the cover.  Fold one sheet in half the long way.  Unfold, and cut along the line.

Fold one of the halves in half again, short ends together. Unfold, and cut along the line.

Fold one of the small pieces in half the long way.  Set cover piece aside for later.

To make the pages, take another full sheet of paper, fold it in half the long way.  Fold the halves in half again the long way, so your paper is folded in quarters, accordion-style.

Flatten back out, and cut along the lines so you have 4 strips of paper.

Fold one strip in half, then in half again, then in half again–open up, and you will have 8 rectangles. Refold the strip so it folds accordion-style — you will have to bend some of the folds the other direction to get your strips to fold this way. Fold all strips in this manner.

Glue two of the strips together end-to-end, so you have one long accordion strip.

Take the folded cover paper that you set aside earlier, and open up the fold so the paper is flat again.  Fold the outer long edges into the center and lightly crease.

Take your accordion-folded stack of pages, and hold them against the folded cover piece, so the original fold that you opened up, is positioned in the middle of the stack.  Make sure there is about 1/8-inch of the cover peeking out from behind the top and bottom edges of the stack of pages.  Adjust the lightly creased folds as needed, to make sure this 1/8-inch excess is there.

Fold your cover in half, short edges together, crease, and open back up.

Line your stack of pages up with the center fold of the cover, and fold the edge of the cover over toward the center, leaving an 1/8-inch of the cover extending out past the edge of the pages. Firmly crease the fold.  Fold the other side in the same manner.  Firmly crease all cover folds.

Open one side flap, and gently squeeze the fold to reveal a little pocket.

Insert the end page of your stack of pages into the little pocket. Glue to hold.  Repeat on the other side, placing the “spine” of the folded pages into the center fold of the cover, glue to hold if needed.

If you want to cut your book into a shape, just be sure to leave parts of the folds intact, don’t cut the folds completely away. Decorate as you please!

Tiny Paper Notebooks

Happy Crafting!


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One thought on “Tiny Paper Notebooks

  1. cmt

    Adorable! Especially love the tiny cat. They’d be cute for a short poem, if you were clever enough to write one.

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