Black Cat Halloween Wreath

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I love Halloween, I love handing out the candy, and making costumes (monkey for the little girl this year), and I love decorating for it! I always try to make our front porch festive for all the trick-or-treaters. Sadly last year one of my decorations, a flying ghost, died and had to go to a better place (the trash can). But it gives me the excuse to get/make some new decorations, and I think this guy is going to look amazing on our front door!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here how to make it:

Start by painting your chipboard wreath black.  Let dry.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, because it will be covered up with yarn, but you want it black so that none of the natural chipboard color will show.

Wrap the yarn around the wreath until it is completely covered. And if you can do these without making a huge yarn knot at some point, you are better than me.

I picked the Red Heart Scrubby yarn because of the fun texture, but feel free to use any black yarn.


Then take 3 of your chenille stems and cut them in half. Bend one end of each piece over about 1/2 inch. Then using your glue gun, add a dab of glue to that 1/2 inch section and attach it to the front of your wreath for you cats whiskers.


Using the Black Cat Ear Template cut out the ears from the felt. You need two of the larger size in Black, and two of the smaller size in Orange. Glue together, 1 Orange onto 1 Black for each ear. Let dry.


To crease the bottom of the ear, I added a drop of hot glue on the center of the bottom, then pinched that section together. Be careful not to add to big of a drop that will squeeze out onto your fingers when you pinch…it hurts.


Glue the ears onto the back of the wreath, using the hot glue.

Hello cuteness! Feel free to add ribbon embellishments, like a bow at the bottom, or maybe even by the ear. Then cut about a 3 foot length that can be used to hang your wreath.


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