Fall Pumpkin Painting

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Paint up a pumpkin masterpiece to decorate your fall home.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, paint your entire canvas bittersweet chocolate brown. Let dry.

Use a large flat brush to paint a layer of weathered wood crackling medium over your brown paint. Let dry.

Use your large flat brush to paint a layer of Aqua Sky over the top of the canvas. Try to apply the paint without overlapping strokes too much, as this will disturb the crackling process of the crackling medium. Let dry.

Use your bittersweet chocolate brown to paint a surface for your pumpkin to sit on.  Keep the brown within the botton 1/3 of your canvas. Let dry.

To begin your pumpkin, paint two “c” shapes facing each other. These will be the outer edges of your pumpkin, so space them so your pumpkin is as big, or small, as you wish it to be.

Fill in the rest of your pumpkin with more “c” shapes, so there are bumps on the top on bottom, and your pumpkin appears to be ridged.

While the white paint is still wet, use a small amount of the milk chocolate brown on the tip of your flat brush to define the edges of the “c” shapes you made. Blend with the white.

While still wet, take a small amount of wasabi green, blend along the brown, and into the white.

Take a small amount of bittersweet chocolate on a small round brush, and add a few rough lines along the “c” ridges that you created.   Using the light avocado and a small round brush, paint a stem on your pumpkin.  Let dry.

Use your milk chocolate brown to add some shadows on the stem, and some curly tendrils.  Let dry.

Your pumpkin will get a crackled effect, just like the background, because it will reactivate the crackling medium.

Happy crafting!

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