Craft Fair Tip: Make your Own Jewelry Cards

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Create your own jewelry cards to add a pop of color to your next craft fair set up. I have saved so much by making my own jewelry cards and they reflect my style too!

What you need:

Use your gift/service card as a template and trace as many as you can fit onto your cardstock.
Cut out all the traced rectangles.
Place the gift card on top your cutout so that the cutout top lays about 1/2 inch higher than your card. Use the hanger hole to mark 2 dots on the left and right of the hanger hole.
Use a push pin to poke holes where you marked the 2 dots.
Feed earrings through the holes and use earring backs to secure them.
To add an extra touch to my cards I made a sticker using address labels to brand my work plus it doubles as a business card. You can also use neat handwriting to label and price your cards.
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