Magical Unicorn Hair Bow

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a magical hair accessory for yourself or someone special.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your yardstick to measure a 30-inch length of white ribbon.  Apply Fray Check to the cut ends, let dry.  Find the middle of your ribbon, loop one end of the ribbon into the shape of an “awareness ribbon,” so the end sits at the middle.  Loop the other end into the same shape, so the ends also meet at the middle.  It will look like a figure 8, with the loops facing up.

Carefully pull the ends so they are perpendicular to each other across the middle, and the end loops are open into wider loops.

Carefully run a length of string under the ribbon bundle, perpendicular to the middle. Pull the middle of each end loop down to the middle of the bow.

Pinch the middle of the bow together, and tie the string up over the top of the ribbon bundle.  Trim the ends of the string.

To make the ears, cut two small rounded triangle shapes from your white felt, and two smaller pink ones for the inner ears.  Glue the pink inner ears to the white outer ears.  Cut a 2-inch oval from white as a base.

Pinch and glue the bottom of the ears to shape.

To make the horn, cut a triangle of silver foam.  Roll into a cone, and glue to hold.

Glue the white base oval of felt to the middle of your bow.  On top of the oval glue the ears, then the horn.

To make the roses, cut circles of your colored felt that are between 1.5-2-inches in diameter.  Cut those into spiral shapes.  To form the flowers, begin rolling the spirals from the outside toward the middle, dabbing with hot glue as you roll.  When you get to the middle, fold the middle circle that’s left over the back of the flower, and glue to secure.  When you’ve created all your flowers, cut some small leaf shapes from your green, and glue the flowers and leaves onto your bow, covering the base of the ears and horn.

Cover the metal hair clip with a strip of felt, if desired and glue to the back of your bow.

Enjoy your magical hair bow!

Happy crafting!


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