Snail’s Pace Belated Birthday Card

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Are your birthday greetings coming at a snail's pace? Say you're sorry with a cute and easy card

The last thing you want to do when you realize you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday is spend even longer creating a card for them. This cute card is so quick and easy to make. Who can be mad at this cute snail?

I typed out my sentiment because after 2 tries, I realized that I’m not great at hand lettering. If you’ve got the talent I wish I had, you can definitely hand write your sentiment for even more personalization.

What You Need:

How to Make It:

Print your sentiment. I used a speech bubble I found in an image search and added text. You can write inside the speech bubble or go without a speech bubble.

Line up your sentiment and your button. The button is the snail’s shell, so you kind of want the speech bubble to be pointing at it.

Lightly trace the bottom half of the button with a pencil.

Very lightly sketch a shape like the one above, using your traced button as the snail’s back. I then erased my shape so there was only a faint outline.

Color in your shape however you like.

Outline the snail with your black marker. Give it an eye, mouth, and antennae.

Add some glue dots to the back of your sentiment and attach to the card.

Stick a glue dot to your button, and place it onto your snail, overlapping the body slightly.

Wish your friend a happy belated birthday on the inside.

Quick, easy and adorable!

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