Unexpected Materials

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With crafting comes creativity, so it’s no surprise that crafters have come up with some creative uses for unexpected materials. Check out these projects that will shock you when you find out what they’re made from!

Pressed Tissue Paper Embellishments

Pressed Tissue Paper Embellishments

Were hours spent making and molding these paper embellishments? Not at all! These embellishments are made from toilet tissue!

Recycled Mini Pouches - Persia Lou

Recycled Mini PouchesPersia Lou

These little pouches are super handy for things like change and bobby pins. Can you believe they’re made from old toothpaste tubes?

Polka Dot Paper Lanterns - Just Crafty Enough

Polka Dot Paper LanternsJust Crafty Enough

These string lights are the perfect party decoration for when you’ve spent way too much money on food. They look great and they’re made from cardboard tubes!

Plastic Bottle Pig Planter

When I was younger, I had a friend whose favorite animals were pigs, so I think she would be all  over this adorable planter. It’s made from a soda bottle!

Shrinky Bracelet - Rust & Sunshine

Shrinky BraceletRust & Sunshine

Who knew the plastic from some takeout containers was shrinkable? Dig through your recycling bin to make your own.

There are so many creative ways to use materials others would think of as trash. Do you have a favorite unexpected material?

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One thought on “Unexpected Materials

  1. Linda Holder

    Do you have any ideal for a use for meat trays? I have washed up some hoping to use them in something but I can not come up with a ideal for them now. I am a senior crafter at the senior center where I live. We like to make thing out what we can find useable & there is 12 of us in the class making something pretty in 2 hour a week. Please help me come with a plan to use these meat trays so we can enjoy our time together & maybe make something pretty too. Some of have trouble using our hands like we use to but we sure do try to use them to keep us going. We do not want to give up & any help will be loved by all of us please . We are class seniors from 69 to 92 years of age & loving what we make each week.

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