Dragonfly Kindness Rock

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Kindness Rocks are everywhere these days, one even showed up in our front yard! My desire to make some went from thinking about it, to now searching Pinterest for ideas. I was getting serious. Then I found out about the NEW Plaid FolkArt 3D Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic Paints, that was it…I HAD to paint some rocks!

Here’s what you’ll need:


There is really no right or wrong way when it comes to painting a rock, but I did start with cleaning my rock. I made the body of the dragonfly using the purple paint. Starting at the head with a large oval-ish shape that continues to get smaller and ends with a small circle or dot.

Next I added the wings using the violet paint. I used the “royal icing” method, where I outlined my wings first, then went back and filled the inside, using the tip of the bottle to help spread the paint around a little.


Using the Envy paint (darker green) I made some larger dots. Then I circled the big dot with smaller dots made with Eden (lighter green). I made a second row of slightly larger dots withe Envy and tried to place the dots between the dots of the previous row.

Next I added some Lapis (blue) flowers.

I finished the design by filling in and adding extra details with the white. (You will also notice that I added to purple dots for antennae, sorry I missed that step somewhere.)

Does your town have a kindness rocks hashtag? Do a quick search and find out. I finished my rocks with the hashtag, and the simple instructions to “keep or re-hide me”.

And now I am off to return these to their rightful homes. See I wan’t lying when I said I borrowed them.

If you make some, please share, I would love to see them.




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