Kawaii Chalk Board: Planner Charm or Locker Magnet

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Make your own kawaii chalkboard with polymer clay. Use it as a planner charm or locker magnet or gift it to a teacher.

What you need:

Start out by flattening some dark green clay with a roller or pasta machine on setting #3. I mixed brown and green to get this color. Use your rectangle cutter to cut out a piece of clay.

Mix some scrap brown shades of clay together for a wood grain look. Flatten with roller or clay machine on setting #1. Cut out a rectangle from the center with your cutter previously used for the green clay.

Place the green cut out into the brown clay. Trim your brown clay with a clay cutter so you have an even frame.

Back your work with a thin sheet of brown wood grain clay. I used # 3 on the clay machine for this sheet. Gently press the back onto your work and trim the excess off.

Use a hobby blade to indent the corners of your frame.

Use your smallest ball end tool to create 2 eye sockets. Roll small black balls of clay the same size as the ball end and gently press into the sockets.

Roll some white clay into a thin cane and trim off a short piece for chalk. Gently press on, between the frame and chalk board. Add an eye pin on before baking if you want it as a charm. Bake at 265 for 15 minutes.

Use craft paint and a toothpick or fine brush to add details. I added a smile in black paint, shine to the eyes in white and, ABC  123 in white. I later went back and added some pink dots for cheek color. Glue a small magnet on if using as a locker magnet.

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