Unicorn & Dragon Jars

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make your own magical jar lantern with a fairytale spin.

Make your own magical jar lantern with a fairytale spin.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Suggested items to decorate jars with:

To begin, print Unicorn Dragon PDF.  Choose a size, and cut out the pattern.  Trace the pattern onto your thin cardboard, and cut out.

Spread a small amount of E6000 onto your thin cardboard cut out.  Spread thinly, and evenly, paying attention to get the glue onto the legs and tails–you want your cut-out completely stuck down, not just partially.  Carefully curve the cut out so it fits into the neck of your jar, insert it into the jar, and press it onto the inside of the jar. Press it on firmly, making sure all the small detailed areas are fully adhered to the glass.

Trace the mouth of your lid onto your regular cardboard.  Cut out the circle just outside the line, so it is a hair bigger around than the mouth of the jar.  This will be your lid.  You want it to sit on top.

Place your tea light onto the center of the cardboard circle.  Trace around the outside of it.  Use your X-Acto knife to cut out the center circle slightly inside the line you drew.  You want it to be slightly smaller than the circumference of your tea light.

Gently press you tea light into the hole in the cardboard until the base is flush with the top of the cardboard.  Hot glue around the edges to hold it in place.

If you want your jar to be multi-colored, cut strips of different colored tissue paper.

Turn your jar upside down, and begin applying your first color of tissue.  Paint an area of the jar with Mod Podge, then gently press the tissue on it while it is wet.  Brush more on top to adhere.

The important part of decoupaging the jar is to be sure that you only apply one layer of tissue over your image–more than one layer of tissue distorts the image. On the dragon jar, I applied a circle of tissue over the dragon, so I would be sure to only have one layer, and then added more tissue around the circle.

Continue decoupaging tissue onto the jar until it is completely covered.  Let dry.

Place the cardboard lid with the tea light onto the top of the jar so the tea light is down inside the jar.  Use your flowers, leaves, ribbons, etc., to decorate the lid of the jar.  Be sure to leave the switch to the tea light exposed so you can turn your light on and off.

You can also tie ribbon, yarn, or whatever else you desire, around the neck of the jar, and hang a charm down to further embellish your jar.

Switch your light on, and enjoy the magical glow!

Happy crafting!

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