DIY Bezels

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Make your own jewelry bezels from air dry clay!

Add an even more personal touch to your jewelry making with homemade bezels. Make any shape you like, from letters to silhouettes to basic shapes. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

I love a good monogram, so I decided to make a “J” for myself. I couldn’t decide between fonts, so I came up with a couple techniques you can use.

What You Need:

How to Make Them:

For both bezels, you’ll want to roll out a flat piece of clay that is a little larger than your shape and about 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick.

For option 1, cut the clay into a rectangular shape and place a shape template on top of your clay.

Poke your awl through the shape to create a little “connect the dots” outline. If you’ve ever used a pumpkin carving kit, you’ve probably done something similar. Make sure that the awl doesn’t go all the way through the clay, just poke it lightly.

Remove the template and start connecting the dots with your awl.

Scrap away some clay, and press some other clay against the sides and bottoms of your bezels. You’re basically just widening  your shape. Make sure the indent is nice and smooth, especially on top.

For option 2, place your cut out template on top of the clay, and cut around, leaving a small space around the edges.

Use your knife and lightly trace around the edge of your template. Begin scraping away the clay from inside the traced edges.

Once the clay is scraped away, Very slightly wet the end of a pen or something similar and press it into your bezel. This will help smooth the inside. Repeat wherever necessary.

Make a hole at the top of your bezel using an awl or craft knife. Let dry completely.

Once it’s dry, sand any rough edges. Use the sandpaper to smooth out the surface of your rectangular bezel and the inside of your shaped bezel. Brush away any excess clay dust with a paintbrush, or blow on it.

Paint your bezels whatever color you like and let dry.

Once the paint is dry, fill them up and cover with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! If you want to make a glittery bezel like the blue one, add your Dimensional Magic inside the bezel first, then cover with glitter and let dry. Brush away any excess glitter and give it a coat of regular mod podge.

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