Bedroom Door Sign

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By Kids’ Crafts Contributor Rachel from the blog Doodle and Stitch.

This DIY bedroom door sign is the perfect craft for a little boy or girl who has just got their own bedroom.

You will need:

Step 1:

Cut out a rectangular shape from a blue sheet of foam, the size of this will depend on how long the name is. Then cut out a slightly smaller rectangle from an orange sheet of foam. Or pick any two colors of your choice. Then glue the two foam shapes together.

Step 2:

Cut out the letters of your name from the yellow sheet of foam. It helps to draw them onto the foam sheet first with a pen or pencil, as some letters are quite difficult to cut out. Once you have cut out all of your letters, glue them onto the foam rectangle.

Step 3:

Push a chenille stem through the top left hand corner of the foam rectangle. The wire in the chenille stem should punch through the foam, however if it doesn’t just use the scissors to make a small hole. Fold up the end of the chenille stem and wrap it around itself to hold it in place, then repeat of the other side with the other end. This is what your bedroom sign will hang from, you could also use ribbon or string.

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