Kids’ Crafts: Bookmarks

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With back to school season in full swing, it’s time to break out those books! Get kids excited to read with homemade bookmarks they’ll love to show off!

Wand Bookmark and Pointer

Wand Bookmark and Pointer

If you have a kid who loves reading about magic, they will certainly love this wand bookmark. Use different colors and jewels for a custom wand that fits your kid’s personality.

Pressed Flowers and Leaves Bookmark Craft - Buggy and Buddy

Pressed Flowers and Leaves BookmarkBuggy and Buddy

Collect some summer flora and fauna to turn into these lovely and natural bookmarks. I used to love pressing flowers as a kid, but never knew what to do with them, so I adore this idea.

Tie Dye Bookmarks - Happy Hooligans

Tie Dye BookmarksHappy Hooligans

These bookmarks look super fun to make. I would love to see a kids’ eyes light up as they watch their scribbles turn into this colorful tie dye design.

Photo Bookmarks - Nearly Crafty

DIY Photo BookmarksNearly Crafty

These silly bookmarks are fun to show off and easy to make! Most of the fun would come from taking the pictures. Encourage your kid to get creative when taking the photo!

Beaded Bookmarks - My Frugal Adventures

Beaded BookmarksMy Frugal Adventures

This is a quick and easy craft for all ages and really lets your kid show off their personality. I guarantee that the majority of the time with this project will be spent deciding what beads to use.

Encourage reading and crafting for back to school. Remember, if your kid wants to look at their cool new bookmark, they’ll have to start reading!

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