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So, mushrooms may be the food that I hate the most. Being a vegetarian, it can be a little difficult to hate mushrooms as much as I do, but I just can’t develop a taste for them. Mushrooms that you don’t eat, on the other hand? I love them, I think they’re adorable. That’s why I love a good toadstool project like these.

Pebble Fairy Mushrooms

Pebble Fairy Mushrooms

Both kids and adults can have fun making these toadstools to decorate the garden. Make them in classic toadstool colors or have fun coming up with your own color combinations.

Moss Toadstool Wreath - Please Note

Moss Toadstool WreathPlease Note

This wreath is easy and adorable. It would be a great way to welcome guests at a woodland party and you can keep it up long after the party is over. That’s a good thing because you probably won’t want to take it down!

Felt Tree Stump Pincushion - i ManuFatti for Bugs and Fishes

Felt Tree Stump Pincushioni ManuFatti for Bugs and Fishes

Store your pins in this adorable stump pincushion. Maybe sewing wouldn’t be so frustrating for me with this little guy to cheer me up! (Probably not, I’m not great at sewing)

Fairy Tale Mushroom Decor - Lia Griffith

Fairy Tale Mushroom DecorLia Griffith

These mushroom decorations are very correctly named because they are positively magical. They’re deceivingly easy to make too!

Mushroom Stool - Running with Scissors

Mushroom StoolRunning with Scissors

This craft definitely takes the word “toadstool” literally. I think these would be fun around a table in a play room or make one for story time!

Even if you hate mushrooms like I do, it’s hard not to love toadstools, especially if you’re crafty! Find even more toadstool ideas at the Craft Trends Pin Board.

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