Egg Carton Crab

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By Kids’ Crafts Contributor Rachel from the blog Doodle and Stitch.

Make this cute crab from an old egg carton. This is a great summer themed craft for the kids to make.

You will need:

Step 1:

Cut out one section from the egg carton, then cover it in a layer of red paint. Leave the paint to dry and add another coat if needed.

Step 2:

Cut a chenille stem into sections to create four small chenille stems. Push the ends of the chenille stems into the sides of the egg carton to create the legs. If the egg carton is quite tough, try pushing a pin through the sides first to create the holes, making it easier to push the chenille stems in. Bend the ends of them so that they are pointing downwards.

Step 3:

Cut another chenille stem in half and bend the end of it to create a pincer shape. Repeat this with the other half, then push them into either side of the egg carton. Push two more into the top of the egg carton, then stick a googly eye to the top of each one. Finally use the black pen to draw a smile onto the front of the egg carton to complete the crab.

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