Little Clay Owls

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create colorful owls with clay and imagination!

Make some sweet little owl figures with some simple clay sculpting.  Use them for play, to decorate a fairy garden, or just so sit on a shelf.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, take a walnut-sized piece of clay, and roll it into an oval shape.

Gently press one end of the clay oval onto your work surface to flatten the base.

To make the indents for the eyes, lightly press the tips of your thumbs into the front of the clay ball, pinching your thumbs together a bit to form a small ridge between the indents–this will be where the beak will be.  To make “ears” on your owls, press down softly on the top of the oval, and pinch the outer edges to form little points.  Try using different sizes and shaped balls of clay to give your owls different looks–make some rounder, some taller, some more squatted.  Make larger, or smaller indents for the eyes, and shape the sides of the clay balls to make more defined heads on some.

At the back, and base of each owl, gently pinch the clay into a small point to form a tail.  When working with the clay, you can get your fingertips a little wet to help smooth the clay, and rid the surface of any cracks.  When you’re happy with your owls, let them dry completely–24 hours is best to be sure their fully cured.

When your owls are dry, give them a coat of clear sealer on all surfaces–this will really help you when you paint them with the acrylic, otherwise the acrylic paint re-wets the surface of the clay, and it can be hard to get the paint smooth.  Let dry completely.

Paint your owls white.  Give them 2 coats of paint, allowing the first coat to full dry before adding the second.

Paint the body color for your owls.  Paint around each eye indent, curving around the head, curving back to create a neck, and then curving in again on the front of the chest, to represent each wing.  Let dry.

To make a snowy owl, use black to indicate the curve of the wing on each side of the body.

Use black to create the spotted feathers of the wings and chest.  Give snowy owl a face.

Give all your owls eyes and a beak.

Use your imagination to create feathers, or other embellishments on your owls.  Let dry.

I chose to paint simple symbols on the bottom of each of my owls as an added decoration.

When the paint on your owls is completely dry, spray them (all surfaces) with a clear acrylic sealer.  Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next.

These little owls are fun for gentle play–we made nests for our owls out of egg carton cups!  How could you use these cuties?

Happy crafting!

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