Collapsible Felt Bag

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Make a little felt bag to carry with you that collapses into a flat surface for easy access!

When it comes to my personal stuff, I’m definitely not the most organized person. Decluttering is not my strong suit. I’m all for anything that makes it easier for me to clean up after myself, so that’s why I’m all about this handy collapsible storage bag.

Flatten out the edges to reveal everything you have stored inside your pouch and make your stuff super easy to find and grab. Once you’re done, simply pull the strings, push the beads into the center, and your things are instantly portable! This technique works with any size felt circle, you’ll just need a punch and cording that correspond with the size of your felt sheet. Carry coins, makeup, even toys!

What You Need:

  • Felt Sheet (Mine is 9 x 12, and can really only hold very small objects. If you’d like to carry around cosmetics or something larger, you’ll need a larger felt sheet)
  • Parachute Cord
  • Hole Punch
  • Wood Beads
  • Pen
  • Safety Pin
  • Ruler
  • Scotch Tape
  • Lighter

How to Make It:

Fold your felt sheet in half and then in half the other way.

Safety pin a piece of cording to the corner of your fold on the inside. Tie a pen to the other end and trace an arc from edge to edge.

Cut along your traced line.

Remove the safety pin and unfold. You should have a circle.

Punch a hole in the edge of your circle about 1/4 inch in, but it’s going to depend on the size of your circle. The bigger the circle, the further from the edge you should punch.

Use a ruler to mark where your next hole should be. Again, the distance is going to depend on the size of your circle. Punch the holes all the way around. If your punch doesn’t go all the way through, use your scissors to cut out the hole.

Cut a piece of paracord about 1 1/2 times the circumference of your circle.

Lace the cording through the holes, as if you were sewing. If you have an odd number of holes, thread both ends through the same hole. I highly recommend you have an even number of holes if at all possible, though.

Measure out another piece of paracord the same length and find the hole exactly opposite the one with the other ends. This is where you will start and finish lacing your second piece.

Lace it through the exact same way.

Now you’ve got a little bowl with cording coming out either end. Let’s make it look pretty!

If the ends of your paracord are frayed, wrap a piece of scotch tape around them so you can thread them through your bead. You’ll be threading both ends together.

Tie a knot a few inches away from the edge of your felt when it’s laid flat.

Trim the ends close to the knot and then hold a flame next to the cording to melt it and seal the knot.

Now you’re ready to grab and go!


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