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There are a lot of reasons to love miniature things. Whether you’ve got a fairy garden, a dollhouse, or love novelty jewelry, you’ve got a use for mini things. Even if you don’t miniatures are just too cute to pass up! Here are some of my favorite tutorials.

Dollhouse Miniature Pancakes in Blueberry Sauce

Dollhouse Miniature Pancakes in Blueberry Sauce

This stack of pancakes looks more appetizing than the edible ones I make myself. Turn it into a ring or keep it in your dollhouse so they’ll have a breakfast you will be jealous of.

Mini Bouquets - Wallflower Kitchen

Miniature BouquetsWallflower Kitchen

Gather some tiny flowers that are blooming from your grass and turn them into a lovely and tiny bouquet. This is a fun little project if you have a child who loves to gather flowers from nature walks or your backyard.

Matchbox Suitcase - Kimbles on Craftster

Matchbox SuitcaseKimbles on Craftster

Turn your doll into a world traveler or store some tiny trinkets in these cute suitcases. I think this would be an extra fun way to store tiny souvenirs like coins or charms.

Miniature Rubber Boots - teensyweensybaby

Miniature Rubber Bootsteensyweensybaby

I mean, how could I not share these adorable tiny boots? I love the little floral print, I kind of wish a full size pair existed.

Mini Clay Cactus - The Party Parade

Mini Clay Cactus The Party Parade

Tiny cacti can help you decorate your dollhouse or fairy garden. They also make fun little knick-knacks for a bookshelf.

Are you a lover of all things tiny? Check out even more miniature tutorials at our Craft Trends Pin Board!

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