Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday everyone! We have a fun and bright giveaway this week, so let’s get right to it! This week’s winner will receive a Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set in Bright!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set with flexible brush tip and fine tip. Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes; fine tip gives consistent lines. Dual Brush Pens are ideal for artists and crafters. Both tips are fed from the same ink reservoir ensuring exact color match. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains it’s point stroke after stroke. Acid-free, non-toxic, odorless and the tips self-clean after blending. Bright 10pc- Colors include Rubine Red, Hot Pink, Orange, Process Yellow, Chartreuse, Willow Green, Reflex Blue, Purple, Imperial Purple, and a Colorless Blender.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What is your favorite summer memory from your childhood, or your children’s?

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41 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Angela Short

    My favorite memory as a child was helping my dad in his vegetable fields. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  2. Jayne P

    I always remember the Summer holiday we had when we had to go out a buy everyone raincoats the weather was so bad!

  3. Ren

    My kids and I blowing glow in the dark bubbles on the front porch in the middle of the night. It was like we were walking in the stars.


    I have a July birthday, so going to the beach is always the best present I could receive and enjoy with my family!

  5. Emily B

    Running to the New Zealand beach, down the road from my Grandparent’s farm, with my many cousins, at Christmastime.

  6. Kelly Wood

    My favorite summer memory as a kid was going camping and swimming in the lake. I miss those days.

  7. Suzanne Robinson

    Spending time in the garden with my grandparents during my annual summer visit.

  8. Maria shehan

    My favorite summer memory was spending the summer in Chicago when I was 14 years old. I traveled alone on a Greyhound Bus across the country. I helped take care of my cousins while my anuts worked. I got to go to the Sears Building and the Cook Zoo. Grandmother paid for me to take Tykondo classes and met new friends. A summer I will never forget……

  9. Robert Stradley

    My family took a week at the New Jersey shore every summer, staying with a friend who had a house right on the beach. We would sculpt miniature golf courses in the sand, play paddle ball and of course run in and out of the waves. In between we would lie on the blanket my Mother kept for picnics and such and it soaked up all the smells associated with summer and the beach. One whiff of that blanket brought back every happy memory!

  10. Vicki H

    I loved going to the Mississippi River Headwaters and walking across the beginning of the Mississippi river.

  11. Denise Bryant

    Ooooh, I love Tombow markers! Awesome prize… thanks for the chance!
    My favorite memory was a trip I took to Yosemite with my family when I was about 10. My Mom and step dad, sisters, step sister and my cousin all went. We had rented a trailer and had a mattress inside of our station wagon to have enough spots to sleep. I remember swimming, hiking and just sightseeing that beautiful area!

  12. Judy R

    My parents piled their seven kids into the car for dollar day at the local amusement park. We went once a summer and we looked forward to it every year!

  13. Mary Mac

    I loved it when my parent packed up 7 of us and headed for the beach and camped out of Station Wagon.

  14. Judy

    Me and my brother played outside until dark. We caught fireflies in a jar. We could go without shoes in the thick mat-like grass.

  15. Barbara Riffe

    I remember my sisters and I playing in the river in front of our house, I remember it use to be deep , but when I went there a few months ago it looked like you could only wade in up to your knees.

  16. Tiffani

    My favorite childhood memory is car trips with my grandparents. They took roadtrips from our home in Nebraska to my grandfather’s childhood home in southern Illinois. My grandfather grew up on a farm so I have fond memories of corn, chicken, roosters, the Mississippi River, and dust (the roads were still unpaved). I’m in my 30s and I will forever remember that quality time.

  17. Bonnie C.

    My best memory from childhood summers is being with my parents on their friends front lawn late at night. I remember chasing and catching fireflies in a jar, releasing them of course. I haven’t seen fireflies since then…maybe I’m in the wrong area now. But I’ll never forget the magical time they gave me.

  18. Cath M T

    Sleep away summer camp run by the Camp Fire Girls in Iowa — Camp Hitaga . Loved every minute of it. Simple, old-fashioned, innocent fun. It was an all-girls camp then. Sorry to see that it closed a couple years ago. I can still remember doing crafts there. Probably still have them somewhere!!

  19. Kelly O'Brien

    Every summer my mom would load my brothers and I up in the station wagon and tow the pop-up trailer behind as we’d travel for a month. At some point along the way my Dad would fly to meet up with us for a couple weeks. We’d usually stay east of the Mississippi River, but we’d get to see so many places with rich history and natural beauty while enjoying the local culture of wherever we were staying. From the buildings in Gettysburg that still have damage from the battle, the lost colony of Roanoke, the bluegrass music and square dances in Tennessee, seeing how Kellogg’s manufacturers their products, eating freeze-dried ice cream at Cape Canaveral, the famous fudge on Mackinac Island and so many more…how can you choose just one memory?
    But Cath M T is right, Camp Fire Girls summer camp was fun, too. Although I went to Camp Tialaka in Wisconsin. And I still have some of my crafts, too.

  20. Marie Corey

    Yes my best memories of Summer when my daughter was maybe 5 yrs old . It would be me my daughter and her Aunt would go to Dane Street Beach . We would park then when walk down the path to the beach it wasn’t that far but with everything I brought umbrellas, lunch & on &I on . We’re all settled and my daughter was by the small stone wall just playing in having fun & laughing. Just watching her playing with no cares or worries what a good age it still brings a tear to my eyes when I think of that time.

  21. Gail Plaskiewicz

    I have a great childhood memory, lot’s actually. My friends and I who lived 2 houses down from each other would color on one or the others front porch steps. We would rate each others coloring and we all always got A’s or 100. Hey, you can’t give your bestie a bad grade! LOL We also used to rent a cottage for a week in Misquamicut RI and unless it rained which it did the year of the moon landing, we spent our days on the beach, at the amusement park, eating out although since we had a cottage we did cook sometimes, and shopping. There was always a shark scare or 2 and this was before the movie Jaws but we never actually saw one. Summer was also the time when my friends who took dance class but I didn’t because of the cost taught me some routines on the only paved driveway in the neighborhood. I loved the summer!

  22. Darline da Silva

    Plain and simple, just playing in the yard spraying each other with the hose and running through the sprinkler to stay cool

  23. Lala

    My favorite memory was roller skating around the basement with my friends! We always had the best time!

  24. Pam

    My favorite memory is staying at my grandmother’s house, cooking with her, weeding the garden, and watching the soaps on tv. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome markers!

  25. M Hicks

    Sitting on my father’s lap in a big ole Southern porch rocker watching for the first fire flies to appear!

  26. Dianne G.

    When we were young we took a summer road trip to Disneyland pulling a tent trailer behind a station wagon. My poor parents must have felt like pulling their hair out with 4 kids in the back for all that distance. We would get restless and start bickering together. It took us 4 full days of driving with a few stops along the way. All of us still talk about that trip we took so long ago. We did have a great time. 🙂

  27. R. Poulter

    Playing badminton in the backyard and eating fresh fruits and veggies from our garden. 😀

  28. Kim Jul

    When we couldn’t afford going on a new place on summer, me and my sister’s just do calligraphy at home❤

  29. MelodyJ

    It’s looking at the classroom clock knowing in a few mintues summer vacation is about to begin!

  30. Cathy Frailey

    Favorite summer memory as a kid was traveling to Illinois in the summer to visit my grandparents and relatives. My one set of grandparents lived out in the country and there were horses next door. I used to feed them apples from a nearby tree & loved feeling their velvet noses. We always sat outside on old rickety lawn chairs & catch fireflies in jars.

  31. Julie

    I loved taking my kids to the local State Fair when they were young and seeing all the animals, pig races, duck races and more!

  32. Jean Marmo

    We would go back to my grandparent’s farm in MIchigan and experience country life! There was a cow, a haybarn, an old orchard and fields of grass and flowers. We fished, ran, biked and so much more!

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