Chalk Pastel Sunset Wall Art

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Learn how to make your own sunset drawing with a step by step tutorial

Create a stunning sunset work of art using chalk pastels. This project is great practice for learning how to work with and blend chalk pastels.

What you need:

To begin use a pencil to lightly sketch some hills or landscape. Use a golden colored pastel to make an outline of a sun.

Color in the sun with a lighter shade of yellow and blend it with the golden yellow. Blend by coloring in an arc motion.

Color an arc of yellow around the sun from left to right of the landscape. Leave a small amount of white between the sun and the golden arc.

Next color an arc of red. Use golden yellow pastel to blend where red and gold meet.

Color an arc of blue.

Use your red pastel to blend the blue and red arcs.

Lightly color black pastel from your blue arc to the paper’s edge.

Blend blue into the area where you colored black to make a dark blue. If needed add more black and blend again till you are happy with the look.

Color the tops of the hills and areas where the sun would cast a glow with a light green.

Color the rest of the landscape with a darker green.

Blend your greens by coloring with the lighter green and darkening as needed.

Use light yellow and greens to make tiny marks for grass accents.

Fold a paper towel to make a sharp corner like tip. Take the tip and drag it from the outside of the sun to the edge of the paper using some pressure. Repeat this step using a newly folded clean area of the same paper towel until you are happy with the amount of rays you have created.

Treat your work with an artist finishing spray to preserve your work and prevent smearing. Hang it up and enjoy your new work of art.

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