Alcohol Ink on Plastic Beads

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Turn boring plastic pearls into colorful beads that pack a punch with a fun and easy alcohol ink project.

A lot of my project ideas come from me wondering if a specific material will work in a different way. “Hm, I wonder if Mod Podge Photo Transfer will work on clay” (it does) “What will happen if I use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge with tissue paper?” (confetti mugs) “This alcohol ink set looks like stone when blended together. What will it look like on a mug?” (this). So being me and loving alcohol ink for the last few years, I though about these plastic beads I had at the office and naturally wondered what they would like like covered in alcohol ink.

This is a super easy project, easy enough for kids for sure. You’ll just want to make sure you have some gloves handy. I think it would be extra fun with a few ink colors to see how they blend, but I only had the one on hand. String the beads onto a keychain, necklace, or stretchy string for a bracelet when you’re finished!

What You Need:

How to Make Them:

Start with an empty plastic container you were planning on recycling or a cardboard box lined with plastic wrap or tape.

Put your beads in the box and drip a little ink over them. You’ll be surprised how little you need! Use all the colors you want on your beads during this step.

Shake the box around until most of the beads are covered.The less you shake, the less saturated the color will be on the beads and if you’re using multiple colors, they will be less likely to blend into one.

Add a little blending solution and shake again. You don’t want to shake too much because it will just put the excess ink back onto the bead. Let your beads dry for a few hours, give it another shake or roll the beads around, and let dry again.

Spray your beads with an acrylic sealer. Make sure to roll the beads around so they’re completely covered. Let dry.

Now you’re ready to use your beads!

For the keychain, I looped a piece of string around a split ring and threaded a the beads on with an untouched bead and a wood bead.

I made the cuff with a piece of jewelry wire that I bent to hold the beads in place and then wrapped around a travel coffee mug to make a wrist shape.


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