Stamped Wood Photo Display

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We moved into our new office about 6 months ago, and sadly it took me awhile to find a way to display cute pictures of my mini. The problem was finding something that would add a little color, and match the reclaimed wood, ruggedness of the rest of the office. Thankfully I finally came up with a solution.

ps. Instructions for cute little not included.

Here’s what you’ll need:



Start with your Plaid Ultra Dye, which is a nice thick almost paint like dye, and spounce it onto your block stamp. Although my stamped images never came out perfect, I got the best result using that method.

Once the stamp is covered with dye, press the stamp down on to the wood. Yay! Remove the stamp, and peek at your results, then continue stamping. Be sure to reapplying the dye after you stamp each time.

Be careful with the dye, it will stain your hands and clothes, if you don’t want blue hands, you might want to wear gloves.


Once you are done with the blue dye, wash your stamp and spouncer. Then grab your white paint. Once again apply the paint to the stamp using the spouncer, then press the stamp onto the wood.

Stamp away, and don’t be afraid to overlap some.

When you are done stamping and your paint is dry, measure the top of your plank to find the center. Mark about 1/4 inch down. This is where you will want to attach your first clip. I attached 3 clips to each plank, spacing them 8 inches apart.

To attach the clips, I put a screw through the back of the clip, and then tightened the screw into the plank.

Finally to make these easy to hang, I attached a saw tooth hanger to the back of each. These are very easy to use. Line up the center of the plank, with the center of the holder, and nail into place. Sorry for the blurry photo ☹, but you get the idea right?

Hang and enjoy!

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