Shooting Star Hair-Clips

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Perfect for the 4th of July or the first day of school, kids will have a ton of fun making these easy hair clips.

Create a pretty star spangled hair-clip for the little ladies in your life with this easy project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a strip of white felt approximately 3/8″x2″. Look at your alligator clip, notice that one side is totally flat, one side is angled. We’re going to cover the flat side. Pinch your alligator clip open, and apply a bead of hot glue along the flat INSIDE side of the clip, and place one end of the felt strip on top of the glue (butting the end of the felt strip up as far inside the open angle of the clip as it will go), close clip to hold the felt in place as it cools. Take the end that’s hanging out of the clip, and fold it back up over the tip of the clip, onto the top of the clip, and hot glue it into place.

Trim the strip as needed, and you can even leave a tiny bit to tuck under the end that you pinch down, to totally cover that end tab bit. The flat side of your clip should now be covered in felt.

To make the star, fold your silver stem in half like an upside down “V.”

Fold the legs of the “V” up and across to the opposite side. Then fold those side ends into the side points of your star.

Trim ends, and shape the star as needed. Add a dab of glue, if needed.

Cut your streamers from the ribbon. How long, and how many is up to you. Tie them in a knot on one end to hold them. Carefully melt the untied ends over a candle, or with a lighter, to keep them from fraying. You could also use Fray Check.

Glue the Ribbons to the felt covered part of the clip so they trail off the end.

Glue the star over the top of the ribbon knot to hide it.

Clip in your new clips and feel fancy!

Happy crafting!

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