Tassel Bracelets

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I have been bitten by the tassel bug, and have now gone tassel crazy. I had so much fun making tassels for the DIY Tassel Necklace, that I just had to make more. These bracelets are so much fun, wear one or two at a time, or even all of them, and I promise people are going to ask you where you got them.

Here’s what you’ll need:



Start by adding a small dab of glue to your jump ring. Then wrap your floss around the ring, as tight as you can so that none of the ring shows through.


Continue to wrap around the ring. When there is about 3/4 inch left uncovered, add more glue, and finish wrapping. Yay! Covered bracelet!

Next make your tassels. I made small 1 inch tassels by wrapping the floss around the end of a ruler 8 times. (For detailed instructions on making tassel see my DIY Tassel Necklace post.)

Or if you are lazy and want the fun bracelet without making the tassels, we do carry these fun premade ones.

Attach the small 4 mm jump rings to the top of your tassels.

To open jump rings correctly, grasp the jump ring on opposite sides using the flat nose pliers, and twist the ring until the required opening is achieved.

Then close the jump ring by gripping both sides of the opening as before and twist it shut.

Then using the larger 10 mm jump rings to attach them to your wrapped bracelet, I found that I didn’t have to use pliers with the larger jump rings. Add on extra jump rings and charms for decorations.

Have fun, and enjoy, or if you are like me, save for your BFFs birthday that is coming up next month!

PS. I love how they make a little noise when they move.



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