Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve been on a bit of an organizing kick at my house lately, so I thought I’d help one of you organize as well. This week, enter to win an Everything Mary Desktop Organizer!

This Everything Mary Desktop Organizer has 3 interior pockets, each measures 8 x 2 x 7 inch. It also comes with 8 open pockets and 1 closed lid hook & loop pocket on the outside. It is the perfect size for all your storage needs. Measures approximately 10 x 8 x 7 inch.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What was your biggest craft disaster?

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43 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Ren

    I once did a huge tie dying project that came out of the wash with NO dye at all. What a waste of time! I still don’t know what went wrong.

  2. Christine P

    Our biggest craft disaster was trying to make an animal out of paper mache! It was just so messy. We never finished it and I just recently threw out the pieces and supplies after gathering dust for over a year!

  3. Judy

    Finishing the machine quilting, I realize I have gapped up the backing during the process. Next time I will do much more pinning…ugh

  4. Linda K

    What a great question. If you looked at my studio I think you could answer this question. Guess my answer would be getting involved in waaaaay too many crafts at the same time. Life is short!

  5. Mary K Watson

    a quilt that i started for a new born grandson….was a log cabin quilt. I put the almost finished pieces away for a bit only to come back to it and find that my cats had urinated in the bag. I tried washing it but the smell remained. ARGHHH! I was so devastated. All that hard work cutting and assembling…gone to waste. I will try again someday!

  6. Brenda Bromley

    You know, I can’t think of anything that was a total disaster. Of course there were some I just didn’t like after I got it finished!

  7. Barb macaskill

    My biggest craft disaster was when I had all of my gems and pearls organized in flip top containers and a friend accidentally knocked the shelf over! When the containers hit the floor they opened and all of my gems and pearls went flying EVERYWHERE! When we moved 5 years later we were finding little gems and pearls all over the place even though I had cleaned many times since the tragic shelf collapse! LOL I can laugh about it now but at the time there were lots of tears!

  8. Don Connell

    Refinishing a rocker for my wife for our first daughter. Well the youngest turns 31 this summer and it still hasn’t happened (though she did eventually get another one).

  9. Maria shehan

    My biggest disaster is allowing my grandchildren use dicapouge on my kitchen table without a protective cover, but I join them and had lots of fun…a kitchen table is not as important as my grandchildren. ….

  10. Mary Mac

    Trying to paint something in my basement with red paint. The whole gallon spilled over on the cement floor. It still looks like a crime scene.

  11. Arlene Schwartz

    My biggest fail is the many projects I purchase the supplies for and never get around to doing only to find the supplies years later dried up and unusable.

  12. Jean Johnson

    I was making a quilted jacket. I have it 3/4 done but it didn’t fit when I tried it on so it still hangs in my closet.

  13. Marcia Maschke

    My biggest craft disaster was when I spent almost 20 hours painting a detailed gourd piece and I picked it up to take it to the spray booth. Got half way across the room, tripped over my own foot, dropped the gourd on the cement floor, and it cracked completely in half.

  14. Laura

    My biggest craft disaster was when I made a muppet out of polymer clay for a fun picture contest, it wasn’t in the oven long but this is how I learned the oven was broken and the temperature just kept going up. So what I ended up with was a general shape of what I made, black and bubbly. I managed to save it though with a lot of effort sanding and painting it with acrylic paints. The burning actually ended up adding some nice texture to the piece so I think if I just got upset about the burn and threw it away I wouldn’t have had as good of a look in the end.

  15. Emily W.

    Not for the squeamish…. when I was in elementary school, I took a summer class on quilling. (My mother had done some as a hobby in her youth; some of it was on display in our house, so I was interested.) And you’re supposed to run your nail along the strip….

    I sliced open my thumb with a giant paper cut.

    And now I can’t quill because I just relive that moment every time I even think about it. Like right now.

  16. Abigail

    I’ve had more baking disasters than with crafting but I do have to say my first attempt at knitting was a hot mess!

  17. Lacie Ball

    I wrnt to tie dye a sun dress red for a wedding and when i washed it I didn’t realize there were still whites in the washer….

  18. Denise Bryant

    Nice organizer! This looks really handy!
    My biggest craft disaster was dropping a black inkpad on the carpet, and of course it just had to be a permanent ink….

  19. Isabel

    I was painting with watercolors and my dog came running to greet me. He knocked my easel down, canvas and paint fell on the floor and he stepped on it… it didn’t turn out as i wanted, though it was a messy but colorful and nice paw art.

  20. Leslie

    Much as I would love the organizer, I’m not entering after all, but I want to say a hearty “Thank you” to everyone who has posted so far. My own “disaster” doesn’t seem nearly so bad now. Thank you!

  21. Angela Short

    I don’t really have one disaster with crafting. I make such a mess everytime I make stuff, no matter what type of crafting I do. It takes a while to clean up!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  22. Jayne P

    Just this week I was totally disorganised and had too many fabrics piled on top of each other, when I cut straight across the front panel of a bag I was making!

  23. Sandy

    I crocheted a prayer shawl, and when I was 3/4 done, I realized it was extremely slanted on the edge. So I frogged it and counted carefullly this time, and it did the same thing. Must have been a mistake in the pattern. So I frogged (pulled it all apart) again and started a new pattern. Worked just fine, but I wasted a lot of time on it!

  24. Gail Plaskiewicz

    At first I couldn’t think of anything. Any disasters would have been me getting messed up like getting paint on my fingers or glitter on stuff but that’s not bad. Then I remembered when I knocked over a whole container of beads on our main street during a craft fair as I was packing up to go home. I like to demonstrate what I make when I do a craft fair so people don’t think it’s made in China or something and I’m selling something I don’t make but say I do. Kind of like the lady at a craft fair my sister just did who said she made her crystals. Only God makes them. Anyway, I tried to pick them all up but there was dirt and leaves and whatever else was in the street when I picked them up. I didn’t get them all so our downtown got to have some of my colorful beads. When I took them home, I had to wash them off and get all the street stuff out of them and then put them in the containers by color again. I was sobbing at the fair and not a lot happier at home. The next time I did a fair and demonstrated my bead work, I took them in little baggies. No chance of them falling down and opening up.

  25. Kelly O'Brien

    The first time I used a cross-stitch program that was supposed to pick the colors based on the image I loaded instead of choosing them myself, I ended up buying floss colors that were all wrong and wasting hours of effort before I’d completed enough to realized that its recommendations were totally off. A lot of the colors had seemed strange proportionally for what I wanted it to look like, but I decided to put my faith in it…then pressed on even when the results seemed wrong. I so much wanted to believe it would save me manually figuring everything out, that I ignored that inner voice for far too long. Instead the personalized wedding gift for my brother and then future sister-in-law had to be started all over again after thousands of teeny-tiny stitches had already been made.

  26. Cindy Sherwood

    I got all the yarn for a single crochet graph afghan. I didn’t like the yarn and I got tired of the slow single crochet progress. I was stuck with a bunch I yarn I hated working with and had rip out what I had done (1/3). I had to quickly find another pattern and yarn I DID like working with to make my niece’s wedding present.

  27. Imee Tan

    cutting into my emplyoer’s(1) table with a pen knife when I was crafting a diy monthly planner for myself! she was NOT happy, and I sure got a good trashing

  28. amy guillaume linderman

    trying to make a patriotic grapevine wreath with red and blue striped straws…the straws wouldn’t stay on and when they did my cats would chew them

  29. Nancy D

    Oh so many to name just one! Most of my disasters are probably with knitting and crocheting. Usually being almost done and finding a big mistake in the beginning. Or realizing I really do not like what I made and end up pulling the whole thing.

  30. Cath

    I’m tempted to say, buying too much stuff. My studio is a disaster. Very disorganized, which makes this prize so appealing. I remember back when I was a teen (eons ago) falling in love with an afghan on the cover of a women’s magazine. It was made of hundreds of yarn daisies which one made on a small round loom. I already had the loom, so I didn’t buy the kit the magazine was selling. Which had instructions. On how to crochet together the hundreds of daisies I made. I was clueless, since I couldn’t crochet. Fortunately, a wonderful lady came to visit us one day, and figured out how to do it. She taught me to crochet and showed me how to put the afghan together. By the time I finished the darn thing, I had grown to loathe it. It’s still in a box somewhere.

  31. Julie meeker

    Oh no! Finishing my Creative Memories pages out of chronological order! Drives me crazy when I do that!

  32. MelodyJ

    Mine was trying to make marble ornaments and the paint wouldn’t do the marbling all over the glass ornaments .

  33. L Ann

    I sewed all four end tabs on pet hammocks on the wrong side, being very certain to make them very secure. This happened at least 3 different times!

  34. Gabriella B

    Was Modge Podging Christmas ornaments and ran out of room on my desk… I used the floor….yup I Modge Podged about a dozen ornaments to the carpet. I had to rip and cut the ornamnts off the carpet. I damaged the carpet and so I rearranged craft room to cover the area. When we sold that house and moved my husband asked what the heck happened there and I said one of the boys threw up and I had a hard time cleaning it up.

  35. Regina Furman

    Trying to make a fabric covered photo frame. I cut the padding too big, the fabric too small!

  36. Sandy May

    I made my first queen sized quilt, and after the top was all pieced, for some unknown reason I put it in the washing machine. Oh the frayed seams and raveled edges. I added the back and batting and proceeded to quilt it to death. It is so heavy, and I have never finished it; it hides in the bottom of a bedroom closet.

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