Wooden Frame

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By Kids’ Crafts Contributor Rachel from the blog Doodle and Stitch.

Create a fun and natural picture frame for your home

Make yourself a lovely natural wooden hanging frame to display your drawings or photographs in your home.

You will need:

Step 1:

Cut a long piece of jute twine and tie the end around the end of a wooden stick in a double knot. Leave a bit of twine left over from the knot that you can use to tie later.

Step 2:

Hold another stick over the top of the knot at a right angle, and wrap the twine around it multiple times. Alternate the parts of the stick you wrap it around to make it more sturdy. Tie it off in a double knot.

Step 3:

Repeat this with another two wooden sticks to create a square frame. Then cut another piece of twine and tie each end to the top stick to create a loop for the frame to hang from. Cut a square from a sheet of white card the same size as the frame, and stick your drawing or photograph to the centre of it. Then glue the card to the back of the wooden frame.

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