Fairy Garden Gnomes

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make some fun little gnomes for your garden, planters, and more!

Make some cheery little fairy tale inhabitants for your fairy garden, or yard.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, break/cut your stick into various lengths.  Figure out how tall you want your gnomes to be, then add a few inches so you have some of the stick to push into the ground.  Use your knife to whittle the end of the sticks into pointy gnome hats.  Shave the bark off the wood an inch or more down the stick, depending on how much of the pointy end you want to paint to make the hat, so you have a bare wood area left for the face.

Use your acrylic craft paint to paint the pointy end, and a bit down the stick, to be the hat.  Let dry.

Use the white acrylic to paint a small pointy beard below the area you whittled. Paint white “sideburns” for your gnome that extend up into the whittled face area from the beard.  Let dry.

Use the black paint to make two little spots for eyes, and a small smile in the beard.  Let dry.

Fairy Garden Gnomes

Now poke your gnomes into the ground to add some whimsy to your fairy garden, flowerpots, or vegetable garden.

Fairy Garden Gnomes

These cuties would liven up a potted plant in your house, as well.

Fairy Garden Gnomes

If you’re worried about them being exposed to the elements, you can spray them with a clear outdoor spray for protection.


Fairy Garden Gnomes

I even made some larger gnomes for our flowerbed using branches that I saved from last fall’s tree trimming.  They’re the same as the small stick gnomes, just made with branches that are 2-3 inches thick, and made several feet tall.  Rather than whittling the ends with a knife (which you could still do), I sawed the ends at a sharp angle with a saw.  They look super cute in a grouping!

Happy gnome crafting!

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