Shell Doll

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By Kids’ Crafts Contributor Rachel from the blog Doodle and Stitch.

Turn a seashell into a fun dress and make your own doll.

This shell doll is a fun craft to do in the summer. Especially if you have just come back from the beach and have collected lots of shells.

You will need:

Step 1:

Paint the top of the scallop shell with pink and blue paint to create a stripy pattern and leave to dry.

Step 2:

Cut out a ballerina shape from a sheet of white cardstock, big enough so that the shell fits over it as a dress. Color in the hair at the top, and shoes at the bottom, then fill the rest with a skin colored pen. Stick two googly eyes onto the face and draw a mouth underneath with a black pen.

Step 3:

Glue the shell to the ballerina shape to create a dress. Wait until the glue has completely dried before picking it up otherwise the shell may slide off.

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