Newspaper Roses

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Upcycle old newspapers into cute paper roses you can use as embellishments

Here’s an easy, and fun recycling project that yields pretty results!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut strips of newspaper across the fold (so they’re as long as possible) that are a couple of inches wide.

Fold one of the strips in half the long way.

Fold the strip in half the long way one more time. You should now have a long strip that’s 4 layers thick.

Fold the end over, and begin rolling the strip up into a coil. Use hot glue to secure as you roll.

Keep rolling, and gluing the strip until you have a small coil to form the center of your rose. The size you decide to make the center will depend on how large you want your final rose to be.

After you’re satisfied with the size of your rose center, gently twist the paper strip one turn, and glue to the coil. Wrap the strip around the coil a bit further, and twist and glue again.

Continue twisting, and gluing your paper strip around the coil to form your rose. If you so desire, glue more paper strips onto the end of the strip you’re coiling, to continue making your rose larger. When you reach the desired size of your rose, glue the tail end of the strip to the back of the rose coil.

Try making roses of different sizes by using less or more paper strips, and varying widths.

To color your roses, paint with acrylic craft paint, and let dry. I like to apply a light coat of paint to just tint the newsprint, so some of the text shows through the paint.

If desired, paint an unfinished picture frame, and glue the roses around the edge with hot glue to embellish.

Create your own newspaper roses and glue them to a picture frame for a 3D look

How could you use these pretty paper flowers in your crafting?

Happy crafting!

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2 thoughts on “Newspaper Roses

  1. Judy

    Newsprint is highly acidic and not made to last. I suggest using an acid free paper that won’t deteriorate.

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