DIY Tassel Necklace

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I have been seeing tassels everywhere, on shoes, purses, all over home decor, EVERYWHERE! As the saying goes, if you can’t fight it, join it, and that is just what I am doing with this very easy DIY tassel necklace.

ps. I might have a tassel addiction now, so you might see tassels again soon.

Here’s what you’ll need:



Start by cutting a 6 inch, and 18 inch piece of embroidery floss off your skein. Save these for later.

Take the rest of the skein of floss, and wrap it around your piece of chipboard. You are going to use the whole skein (minus what you already cut off). And with that comes the hardest part of this project…trying to keep the floss from creating a big knot. You have been warned.

Take the 6 inch piece of floss and slip it through the top loops of the wrapped floss. Tie it tightly several times. We are going to use this to attach the tassel to a jump ring later.


Slide the wrapped floss off the chipboard and slide it onto the end of a paint brush (a pencil or pen will also work, I just happened to have a paint brush close to me).

Take the 18 inch piece of floss, and tie it around the tassel just below the paint bursh/pencil. Wrap the floss around the tassel 5 or more times, and then tie off.

Slide your tassel off your paint brush/pencil, and Cut and trim loops at the end of the tassel so they are even.

(HINT: I found trimming the ends with a rotary cutter made them nice and even.)

Yay! Tassel complete! Now make 4 more, so you have a total of 5.


Cut your jewelry chain to about 30 inches, or however long you would like your necklace.

Grab your jump rings and open one enough to loop it through the top loop of the tassel, and the center (or as close to center as you can get) link in your chain. To open jump rings correctly, grasp the jump ring on opposite sides using the flat nose pliers, and twist the ring until the required opening is achieved.

Then close the jump ring by gripping both sides of the opening as before and twist it shut.

You want to place your tassels about 6 chain links apart (depending on the size of your chain about 1/4 inch). Between each tassel use jump rings as spacer beads by stringing them onto your chain. I used 5 jump rings between each tassel.

(NOTE: I found that connecting the tassels to the chain rather than just stringing them onto the chain kept them from bunching up and twisting together.)

Finish off by adding your lobster clasp.

Now enjoy – or mail off to your Niece as a graduation gift!

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