Recycled Fairy House

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DIY a cute fairy house with hidden storage from recycled materials!

Welcome the fairies to your garden with a cute and crafty home made with recycled materials! Leave the roof open so kids can play with it as a real house, leave treats for the fairies that come to visit, or even store treasures this summer!

Kids can help make their fairy house and kids who are old enough to use a glue gun can do this craft all on their own. How will you use your fairy home?

What You Need:

How to Make It:

Measure the circumference of your container and line up your craft sticks to measure about 1 inch past that number. Water down some brown acrylic paint so the wood grain shows through and paint your craft sticks. Paint 2 extra craft sticks as well if you want to make a chimney.

Cut off the top of your container with a craft knife so that it’s a little shorter than a craft stick. I marked a stick to use as a guide around the whole thing, marking with a permanent marker.

Once the craft sticks are dry, hot glue them all around the outside of your container. Try to make the first one as straight and even as possible.

To make the roof, tie a pencil to some yarn or string, measure about 5 inches from the edge of your chipboard with the pencil standing up, and use a binder clip to secure the other end of the yarn to the very center of the chipboard. Now, you can trace a perfect 5 inch half circle. Cut it out.

Secure the edges of the half circle together with some packing tape to create a cone shape.

Hot glue moss all around the outside of your roof.

To make your chimney, cut your 2 extra craft sticks in half. Hold it up to your roof to estimate how tall you would like the chimney to be and cut it to size. You’ll need to cut the other 3 pieces as shown above. Cut one at an angle to match the pitch of the roof and then place it on top of another piece so both unpainted sides are on the inside and use the piece cut at an angle as a guide for your next cut. Finally, cut your last piece so that it’s the same length as the shortest side of your piece cut at an angle.

Lay the long piece down with the inside facing up and glue both sides on, then glue the short piece on top.

Attach the chimney to your roof.

If you want some smoke coming out of the chimney, glue a piece of poly fil or a cotton ball that’s been pulled apart to the top.

Roll out some air dry clay and make yourself a door and a couple of windows. Let them dry laid across your house so they’ll dry with the right curvature in them.

Once dry, paint the doors and windows however you would like and glue them onto your house. You can spray the whole thing with an acrylic sealer spray if it’s going outside.

Kids can DIY their own fairy house from recycled materials.

Keep the little house in a planter or garden!



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