Firefly Jar

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

"Catch" some fireflies in a jar to light up your summer nights.

Create a whimsical lantern to brighten up your summer nights with this simple project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a long length of wire–mine was a couple of feet long, but yours may be longer or shorter, depending on the size of your jar mouth.  Find the middle of the wire, and loosely wrap the wire around the mouth of the jar, bringing each end of the wire around the opposite direction.  Cross the ends over where they meet, and then thread each end under the loop of wire you made around the jar mouth, on opposite sides of each other, and begin snugging the loop around the jar mouth.  You want the ends of the wire to stick out of the loop on opposite sides, so we can form the handle.  I actually wrapped my jar mouth a couple of times with the wire, and then wrapped the ends around the coil a bit, just to make it secure.

Next, bend the wire ends up to form a “u,” crossing the ends over each other, and using the ends of the wire to coil around the top of the handle to secure.

Add enough moss to cover the bottom of the jar, then begin coiling your lights on top.  Add another layer to cover the first coil of lights, then add another layer of moss. Continue layering your coils of lights with moss, until you reach the top of the jar.

Place your battery pack on the very top of the moss, with the on/off switch on top, packing more moss around it to make sure it’s hidden.

Cut a square of burlap big enough to cover the top of your jar, or lid.  Drape the burlap over the mouth of the jar, and tie with a piece of jute.

I didn’t have a lid for my jar, so I just tied the jute around the burlap, glued it in place with a bit of hot glue, and made it so I could slip the burlap “lid” off and on easily to get to my light switch. If you have a lid, I suggest draping the burlap over the lid while it’s in place on the jar, and then gluing it onto the edge of the lid to hold it in place. You can then tie/glue a piece of jute around the edge of the lid, on top of the burlap to embellish.

Use your white paint pen to write “fireflies” on your chalkboard tag, and attach it to the handle, or lid of the jar.

Light up the summer nights with your enchanting jar of magical firefly lights.

Happy Crafting!

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