Flowers for Mom

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I kind of wonder if it was planned to have Mother’s Day during a month when there are plenty of flower options. Flowers symbolize birth and growth and so do moms! You don’t have to go to the flower market for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, though. Here are some great ways to make your own flowers for Mom!

Paper Rosettes

Paper Rosettes

This shadowbox craft is so simple and pretty. Use your mom’s favorite colors to personalize. You could even have a flower represent each child.

Flower Petal Stained Glass - The Artful Parent

Flower Petal Stained GlassThe Artful Parent

You can spend a little time this Mother’s day going on a nature walk with the family, and then come back to create these gorgeous stained glass pieces for your windows. Mom can look at these pretty windows for the next few days and think about the lovely time spent together.

Salt Dough Flower Candle Holder - Learning and Exploring Through Play

Salt Dough Flower Candle HolderLearning and Exploring Through Play

Kids of any age can get involved with making these fun candle holders. Each child can paint their own and they will look great lined up at a table or on a mantle.

Hammered Flowers on Fabric - Alicia Sivert

Hammered Flowers on FabricAlicia Sivert

Hammered flowers are an amazing craft that almost seem like magic. The resulting print can be turned into a decorative towel, tote bag, or t-shirt. Select some of Mom’s favorite flowers!

Pressed Rose Petal Tray - Say Yes

Pressed Rose Petal Tray Say Yes

Pressed flower petals from a sentimental occasion would make this tray extra special. This tray would be great for a breakfast in bed.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, so show your Mom you care with homemade flowers or a bouquet! Want even more floral ideas? Check out our Craft Trends Pin Board!

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One thought on “Flowers for Mom

  1. cmt

    Lovely ideas. I wish you could hack into websites boys and men would read and have pop-up windows that say, make this for your mother, she’d love it. Alas, I will only see one of these lovely, lovely ideas if I make it for myself. A very nice selection.

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