Rose Accessories

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make mom some beautiful rose accessories for Mother’s Day, make them for a friend, or make them for yourself. These pretty molded roses can be used so many ways!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Heat Mod Podge Melter tool according to directions on package. Fill rose mold with melted Mod Podge Melt, let cool for several minutes.

When the rose is cool (the back of the mold will feel cool), pop the rose out of the mold. I used to smaller of the two roses for earring and bobby pins, and a mix of the two sizes for the hair clips and comb. Make all the roses you want first.

Use your nail polish to paint the roses.

It may take more than one coat, depending on the polish, and the amount of color you desire. Dry thoroughly between coats of polish.

Use the jewerly adhesive to adhere your roses to the bobby pins, earring posts, bails, clips and combs. Let the glue cure completely before wearing.

When making the hair combs, try overlapping the roses slightly, for a different look, rather than just gluing them in a straight line.

These pretty little roses make such fun accessories, and the polish gives them a fancy enameled shine.

Make mom, or yourself, a whole bouquet of beautiful accessories!

Happy crafting!

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