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Inspire yourself in your craft room every day with fun and easy paper mache letter wall art! I’ve got a couple of ideas to get you going, but there are so many other ways to decorate your letters too.

You could also decoupage, cover them with glitter, splatter paint, cover them with washi tape, and so many more great ideas! Just raid your craft room to get inspired. For inspiration, here’s what I have and what I did.

What I Used:

How I Made Them

Everything is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s what I did for each one. (Except the “M” because I just painted it with Color Shift Paint.)

For any letters that you plan on filling with things, take a craft knife and trace around the outside edge of each letter to remove the “face”.

Take off the top and the insides, and use your craft knife to clean up around the edges as much as possible.

You’ll want to paint all of your letters. You don’t have to worry about the backs if you’re hanging them, but the sides and front are very important and I would even do the inside of the ones that you’re filling so you don’t have to worry about that kraft color showing through. If you’re wrapping with yarn, use a color as close as you can to the yarn you’re using.

To fill with pom poms, I just put a few glue squiggles on the inside of the letter and created one layer of pom poms.

Once that layer was dry, I added a second because I wanted it to look totally full.

I decided to wrap my K with both baker’s twine and yarn for a colorful twist. I just put a line of white glue on the back of the letter, attached the yarn, and started wrapping. I payed close attention to how the yarn looked in the front and not so much the back.

When I got to the end of the leg I was working on, I wrapped as close as I could to the end, and then started wrapping around the whole letter. Once I reached the top legs, I just switched back to one.

After the whole thing was wrapped, I added a good line of glue, pressed the yarn into it, and let it dry. Once dry, I snipped off the end. Then, I repeated these steps with the rest of the legs, making sure the ends were always in the back.

Finally, I had a bunch of paper flowers left over from our spring Facebook cover photo, so I decided to fill up my E with them. I snipped off the wire stems from all of the flowers first.

Then, I added a pool of hot glue inside the E about 1 inch at a time.

Then I just stuck the flowers into the hot glue and held them until the glue dried. Don’t overstuff the letter or it won’t be very well defined.

Hang up your letters in your craft room to inspire you!

The words you create and the ways to decorate are endless!

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