Arrow Bookmarks

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Keep the exact place in your book with these fun and colorful bookmarks.

Make a handy bookmark that will keep track of exactly where you stopped reading. Make one for yourself, or for your favorite book lover.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut a simple arrow shape from your popsicle stick. Make shallow cuts with your knife, scoring the wood to make a nice, clean cut.

Apply some of your Elmer’s glue stick to one side of your wood arrow, and lay it glue side down on the Washi tape. I found this step helps to keep the Washi tape good and stuck to your arrow, as it has a tendency to peel off if your don’t.

Use your X-Acto knife to carefully trim the extra Washi tape from around the edges of your arrow.

Use hot glue to attach the elastic ponytail holder to one end of your ribbon. If your ponytail holder has a metal part, hide it under the ribbon.

Wrap your ribbon vertically around the outside of the closed book, bringing the ends so they are facing each other. Stretch the pony tail holder gently as far as it will stretch, toward the opposite end of the ribbon, and cut the other end of the ribbon where they meet. Don’t overextend the ponytail holder, just make sure you’ve stretched it about as far as it will go, so it will hold snugly.

Hot glue the wood arrow, Washi side up, onto the end of the ribbon opposite the pony holder.

With your needle and embroidery floss, further wrap and secure the arrow to the end of the ribbon.

To use, gently wrap the bookmark around the outside of the book, and join it together on the inside, positioning the arrow at the text where you left off reading.

Make various sizes to fit all your favorite books!

Happy crafting, and reading!

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