Day or Night Tissue Paper Decorated Jars

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Kids can create a tissue paper vase or nightlight with a little help from a parent and some Mod Podge!

Decorate some recycled glass jars that can be used day or night.  This would make a great craft for all the dads out there to help the kids with for a Mother’s Day gift!

What you need:

Cut up small squares of tissue paper.

Brush mod podge onto a small section of your glass jar a little over the size of your tissue paper cut outs.

Place a tissue paper cutout over the top of the mod podge section and gently press the edges down with your brush. Brush on your next sections so the papers overlap. Continue adding mod podge and papers till your jar is covered. When your work is dry brush on a top coat or 2 of mod podge.

Use your decorated jar as a vase to enjoy during the day. ( its best to use a strong mod podge like outdoor or dishwasher safe when using as a vase so your work wont get ruined when you change or add the water)

Put a short strand of lights or battery operated candle inside your jar to create a soft glowing lamp. Make a bunch to light up your patio for late night outdoor gatherings.

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