Dyed Wood Tea Boxes

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Store all your tea next to your kettle with brightly colored wood boxes!

At my house, we have so many types of tea that when it’s offered to guests, they panic from all of the choices. We’re huge believers in the power of a good cup of tea. Whether it’s peppermint for an upset stomach, chamomile to help you sleep, or even just the need for a caffeine jolt, we’ve got you covered. I needed a place to put all of this tea that’s easily accessible to the kettle and pretty. I decided to add a little organization too since we have so many different types.

One thing I needed was an attractive way to hide our Mate, that kind of looks like it’s only legal in a few states. We also recently went through a pretty nasty cold, and rely heavily on Theraflu, Throat Coat, and Ginger teas. I thought it would be nice to keep those types of tea in a separate container. Finally, I decided to create a smaller tea selection we could offer to guests so they wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed.

What You Need:

How to Make It:

Use a pencil and a ruler to make a dot directly in the center of your box.

If you’re putting “Tea” on the box, place the “E” on the center dot. If you’ve got a 4 letter word, I found the best way to line it up was to put the first and last letter on each corner and line up the center two letters around the dot in a diagonal. With my stencil masks, I could only fit 3 letters straight across.

Carefully read the instructions for your ultra dye before using. You don’t have to sand or test it for this project since the wood is unfinished, but it’s good to know what you’re getting into before you start. Only test if you’re really picky about the color. My blue was a whole lot more purple than I was expecting and the raspberry was a lot more muted.

Pour the dye into a container you’re okay with throwing away and dip your brush into it. You could also use a paper towel if you don’t want to worry about cleanup. Brush the dye onto the box with the wood grain. Pay special attention to the letters. I found that a dabbing motion helped get the dye into the nooks and crannies of the letters and then I brushed it to even out the tone. Continue around the whole box. Try to get as close to the hardware as you can.

Once you’re finished with the box, the dye should have soaked into the wood enough to begin wiping away excess. Wipe your paper towel along the grain just like you brushed. Repeat until you reach your desired color. I only needed one coat, though I did 2 with the dark blue in hopes that it would be less purple. Let dry (It doesn’t take long, maybe an hour).

Carefully peel your stencil mask off the box to reveal the untouched wood underneath.

Give your boxes a coat of sealer spray. You’ll want to protect these from kitchen elements!

Now I’ve got my tea all sorted and color coded. I love having these bright colors in my kitchen and it’s so nice to have everything in easy reach by the kettle.


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