Polymer Clay Feather Cane

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Learn to make a cane that looks like a feather when cut. Perfect for boho jewelry!

Learn to create a feather cane with polymer clay. Cut thin slices off and use the feathers as accents in projects. You could even use a few slices to create some boho style dangle earrings.

What you need:

To begin roll out long strips of both brown and beige clay separately with your clay machine on setting 1. Use your super slicer to trim up and give both strips straight even edges. At this stage my strips were about 1 1/2 feet long and a little less than 1 inch wide. I made my strips so that the combo was 1/3 beige and 2/3 brown.

Use your finger to smooth the seam between the colors together. Flip your work over and smooth the other side together too.

Run it through your clay machine on setting 1 to ensure the seam holds well. Through the next steps keep the lighter (beige) side of your work to the left.

Fold your work in half keeping the light side to the left. Run through your clay machine with the fold going in first as setting 1. Always run the fold side first to prevent trapping air bubbles in your work.

Repeat folding your work in half and running it through the clay machine fold side first till you get a blend you are happy with. I ran mine through around 15 times.

Choose a solid color to add to the back of your work I mixed some beige with black to create a creamy grey. Run your solid color through the clay machine at setting 3 and add it to the back of your blended color strip. Trim and piece in as needed.

Cut your strip of clay into even pieces and divide them in 2 groups. Take each group and stack them in offset layers like stairs with your lighter color facing out.

Run some beige clay through the machine at setting 1 and trim to size for the quill.

Sandwich the quill in between the 2 halves of your feather.

Reduce your cane by alternating pressing the tip and quill ends toward one another and pinching the center, take your time reducing to prevent distortion as much as possible.

Learn to make a cane that looks like a feather when cut. Perfect for boho jewelry!

Use your super slicer to cut slices off your cane and use them for fun accents in your projects. Make feather canes in any colors you want.

Cutting tips:

  • After reducing, let your cane rest before cutting since reducing makes the clay warm and soft
  • Stick your cane in the freezer for about 10 minutes to stiffen it up for smoother looking slices and less distortion when cutting
  • Leave canes unbaked in a plastic baggie for later use since they never go bad
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