Button Lined Mail Tray

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Grab your button collection and create a cool tray to store your mail or office papers!

CreateForLess recently moved our corporate office, and while moving is never fun, decorating a new space is. Right away, I noticed that there was no place for our incoming & outgoing mail and I knew a Mail Box Tray would need to be crafted soon. I love how this Button Lined Mail Tray turned out, and I hope that you enjoy it too.

Here’s what you’ll need:


I started by painting the bottom of my tray with the turquoise stain. You will notice I was lazy and did not tape the sides…I really should have, and later wished that I had.

Once dry, I taped around the bottom (You see I learned from my mistake) and painted the sides and outside of the tray with the white stain. Let dry.

Then it was time for the buttons. This part took awhile, but I found the best way was just to pour them out and spread them out into a layer of single buttons.

Once I got them into that layer, I kind of scooted them around to get the buttons as close together as I could, and added extra buttons as needed. I did find when the project was done that some of the translucent buttons (even the ones that were a blue tint) disappeared in the resin, so I would leave those out.


Next I mixed up the resin according to the directions on the package and then poured it over the buttons. I then took a piece of thicker cardstock and used it to spread the resin over the entire bottom of the tray. You do want to be careful to not disturb the buttons. I did have some move and pop up, a toothpick is helpful to get them back into place.

Then you wait for the resin to set, about 72 hours. There will be air bubbles that rise as this is happening, that you can easily pop with the flame from a lighter, if you have one. I did not so used the toothpick to pop as many as I could.


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One thought on “Button Lined Mail Tray

  1. Lynn Lind

    Very nice! I thought at first they were simply glued to the bottom, creating an uneven surface. I suppose eventually I would then have “buttons buttons everywhere.”

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