Lucky Day Wreath

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Share the luck of the Irish on your door this St. Patrick's Day wit ha fun rainbow wreath!

Make today your “lucky day” by making a cute new wreath for St. Patrick’s Day.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, tear (or cut) 2-inch strips, going the long way, from your blue fabric. Glue the end of one strip to the back of your wreath, and begin wrapping the strip around the wreath to cover, overlapping each wrap slightly. Glue to secure.

Cut a 5-inch circle from all 7 colors of your felt. They don’t have to be perfect circles, just roughly circular.

Cut each circle into a spiral, starting on the outside edge, cutting in towards the center. Leave a small circle in the center.

Begin rolling each spiral, from the pointed outer edge, in towards the center. Dab with hot glue as you go to help secure the roll. When you get to the center circle, fold it over the back of the coil, and glue it into place.

Glue your spirals onto the wreath in a rainbow pattern: red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, turquoise, purple.

Glue pom-poms onto each end of your “rainbow,” stacking them on top of one another as you glue, to form clouds at each end.

Cut small, round “coins” from your gold foam; roughly dime-size.

Glue the coins onto the cloud at one end of your rainbow, tucking them under the pom-poms, so they appear to be “raining” out of your cloud. Glue some of the coins down on the wreath below the cloud.

To make shamrocks, cut small green hearts from your foam sheets. Fold the foam in half, and cut half hearts into the fold. Make 3 hearts the same size for some of the shamrocks, and make one 4-leaf clover from the glitter green foam. Add smaller hearts on top of each “leaf” for added sparkle. Cut a small strip of green foam for a stem.

Glue your shamrocks onto your wreath a leaf at a time, adding the stem first, and then gluing the leaves around it. Add a hanger to the back with a loop of string, ribbon, or a piece of chenille stem.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day crafting!

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