St. Patrick’s Day Wall Hanging

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a lucky wall hanging to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Bring a bit of the “Luck ‘o’ the Irish” to your home this St. Patrick’s Day with this cute wall hanging.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, count out 14 craft sticks for each section of the wall hanging; 12 sticks will form the front, and two will be glued on the back to hold the sticks together. For the rainbow one, count out your first 12 sticks. Paint 2 sticks each color of the 6 colors of paint. Let dry.

For the other two sections, lay 12 sticks out side-by-side, so they’re tightly together. Make sure the sides are squared up. Glue 2 sticks perpendicular to the rest of the sticks, on both sides of the square you’ve formed. Paint the front of one of the finished stick squares green, leave the other natural colored.

When the rainbow sticks are dry, lay them FACE DOWN in pairs starting at the top with red, then orange, yellow, etc., until your rainbow square is formed. Glue the remaining two sticks onto the back, like you did the other two squares, to hold all the sticks together.

Use your pen to trace shamrock #2, and the word “LUCK” onto the back of the gold glitter foam. Trace shamrock #1 and #3 onto the back of the green glitter foam. Trace shamrock #4 onto the plain green foam. Cut out all of the pieces.

Glue shamrock #1 to the center of the rainbow square. Cut some small circles from the gold foam, and glue the “gold coins” around the shamrock on the rainbow square.

Glue shamrocks #2, #3, and #4 onto the natural colored square.

Glue the word “LUCK” in a square shape on the green square.

Evenly space your squares, face down, and glue a ribbon down the middle of them for hanging.

Make a loop of chenille stem, or string to use as a hanger. Glue to the back of the top square. Tie a small bow from your ribbon, and glue to the front of the top square, if desired, to hide the loop.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day crafting!

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