Clothespin Butterflies

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make your own clothespin butterflies to welcome spring

Make a pretty decorative butterfly out of a most undecorative item: coffee filters!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, set aside 4 coffee filters for each butterfly you’ll be making. To make the top wings, fold 2 filters in half, and then in half again, so the filter is folded in quarters. To make the two bottom wings, fold the other 2 filters into quarters, and then fold them in half one more time, into eighths.

Overlap your top wings so the pointed ends are together, and use your hot glue to stick them together. I added a dot or two of glue in-between the folded layers of each wing, as well, to help the wings keep their shape. After gluing the top wings together, place the points of the bottom wings onto the where the top wings are joined, angling them out a bit, and then hot glue them into place. Glue a clothespin onto the center of your wings. Think about where you want to clip your butterfly when it’s finished, and this will help you decide which way to glue the clothspin–should the clip open up or down for how you’re going to display it. I glued mine so the open part is facing down, and the part you pinch to open the clip is by the “head” of your butterfly.

Cut a short piece of chenille stem, and bend it into a “v” shape to form the antennas. Glue it onto the top of the clip. Adhere a button over the top of where you glued the antenna down, to create the head of your butterfly.

Brush some white glue onto the outer edge of each wing, sprinkle with glitter, shake of the extra, and let dry.

Cut lengths of various laces, ribbons, and trims, and arrange them in a tassle-shape. Use your hot glue to adhere them together at the top, let cool, and then snip the top of the tassle into a point.

Pinch your clothespin open, and adhere the tassle point you clipped to the body-side of the clothespin, leaving the other side of the clip free of decoration, so you can use it to clip your butterfly someplace to display it.

Decorate for spring with fun clothespin butterflies!

Now, find someplace to clip your pretty butterfly! Clip it to a garland, the edge of a curtain, onto a gift. How could you display these pretties?

Happy crafting!

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