You got the “WRITE” Stuff Valentines

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Let your Valentine know they're just "write" with these cute pencil arrow valentines.

I was looking for a fun alternative to the typical candy valentines, without making me into that “boring” mom who “never” gives anything fun. I think these Pencil Arrow Valentines will be “write” on target! I made these with stuff I already had around the house (except the fun pencils), and they are easy enough that even young crafters can help you!

Here’s what you’ll need:


For each pencil you are decorating you will want to cut 2 of each template shape out of felt.

Take the 2 hearts, and glue the 2 sides together, you want to be sure to make a little “pocket” for the end of the pencil to fit into, so leave about a 3/4 inch strip unglued down the center of the heart.

Next I added fringe to the back “feathers”. To do this I just made about 1/2 inch snips along the 2 long sides of each feather piece.

Then glue the 2 feather pieces together. Again leaving about a 3/4 inch strip down the center without glue to make a “pocket” for the pencil end. Let the glue dry, I let them dry overnight.

Then you can slip them on your pencil. Next I added some simple embellishments with baker’s twine, and yarn. Or you can attach a little note for each of your Valentines.


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