Tri-fold Fancy Flap Card

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By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

This card is two card techniques in one and is so easy to make you will want to create a lot of them to send to everyone you know.

This card is two card techniques in one and is so easy to make you will want to create a lot of them to send to everyone you know.  The card closes so the flaps overlap the base making it a tri-fold card and since it is created from 3 separate pieces it’s a fancy fold card.  How fun is that?  Let’s get started on creating this awesome card.


This base is a little different than a normal card base as it is created using 3 pieces of cardstock and patterned paper cut with a paper trimmer instead of the normal one piece that is folded in half.

Begin by cutting one piece of cardstock that measures 4” x 5”.  This is the base of the card and will be the center of the three pieces.  Also, cut an additional piece that measures 4 ¼” x 5 ½”.  This will become one of the flaps.  The third piece can be cut from cardstock but using a piece of patterned paper adds color and interested to the card.  This piece should also be cut at 4 ¼” x 5 ½”.


Take the two flap pieces and score both of them at ¼” from the left side using a scoring board and then fold on the score line.


Measure in from the scored (the score should be folded) edge 1 ¼” and make a small pencil mark.  Rotate the piece so that it is on its side as shown in the second picture and measure over 2 ¾” and make a mark.  Rotate it again and measure 1 ¼” from the scored edge and make the last mark.   Repeat this step on the second flap piece.


Place it in the paper trimmer lining up the top edge mark and the side edge mark and cut.  Now, line the bottom mark and the side edge mark up and cut again.  Repeat this using the second flap.


Die cut using a set of square dies  and die cutting machine or a square punch the squares into the flaps.  The square on the flap that will be seen first should be larger than the inside flap square and the inside flap square should be positioned straight on the paper whereas the square on the top flap is at an angle.  These squares measure 2” for the front flap and 1 ¾” on the inside flap, but the sizes can be adjusted to what you are using.

Attach the flaps using a tape runner to the base part of the card.  The tape is placed on the edge that was created by the ¼” score and then is attached to the back of the base.


Decorate the card using your favorite stamps and dies.  The set used for this card is the Flowers and Fence Die and Stamp Set by Sizzix.

This is another card technique to add to your list of card designs.  Is your list still growing?  If you are looking for even more techniques to add to your list be sure to check out the rest of the posts here on Think Crafts and then head on over to CreateForLess to get the supplies you will need for your next project.

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Peg Rounds lives in East Moline, Illinois with her husband and best friend, Kevin and their son Josh and 2 dogs. She was an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom, and later a home school mom. Over the years, she designed cakes on the side and went to school to become a certified chocolatier. She always has loved to craft since she was young and it was something that she wanted to be doing, but set it aside due to her busy life. After 15 years of doing cakes she decided it was time to stop and focus more on her family. She began doing layouts, then cards and it went from there. Before she knew it, next to spending time with her family, she spent every free moment creating something and blogging about it. One thing led to another and here she is today! Check out Peg's blog, Peg's Crafting Corner to see what else she has been up to!

3 thoughts on “Tri-fold Fancy Flap Card

  1. Barbara Thompson

    Peg, for some reason I was thinking the base piece should also be 5 1/2 ” high. Am I wrong?

  2. Barbara Thompson

    I made one and it does need to be 5 1/2 ” and your instructions say 5. BTW really cute card and I can hardly wait to make more! Thanks for the great idea!

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