DIY Earmuffs

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY your own earmuffs to stay warm this winter

‘Tis the season for chilly temperatures! Keep your ears toasty with a custom-made pair of earmuffs.

Muff 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Muff 3

To begin, use your compass to draw four circles, approximately 3.5-inches in diameter, onto your cardboard. (It’s not critical that the circles are exactly 3.5-inches, just somewhere around there–I traced around a glass that was the right diameter, to make my circles.) Use your utility or craft knife to cut them out.

Muff 4

Place a cardboard circle onto your fabric, and use it as a pattern to cut a circle out of your fabric–cut the fabric so it is about 1-inch wider in diameter than your cardboard. In this same manner, cut two circles of your outside fabric, and two of your inside fabric. (The inside fabric will be up against your ear, the outside will be the fabric that’s really visible.)

Muff 5

To make your inside circles, place your cardboard circle centered on the wrong side of your fabric circle. Run a bead of hot glue glue around the circumference of the cardboard circle, and pull the fabric over the edge to wrap the circle. Go all the way around, and glue to secure. Repeat with second inside circle.

Muff 6

To make the outside circles, follow the above directions for the inside circles, except, when you get within an inch of gluing down the fabric to the edge of the cardboard, stop. Use your fingers to gently stuff a bit of fiberfil stuffing between the fabric and the cardboard. You want it to be puffy looking, like a hamburger bun. After stuffing, finishing gluing the fabric to the cardboard. Repeat with the second outside piece.

Muff 7

Put the headband on your head, look in the mirrow, and hold the outside muff in position. Mark with the pencil, or your finger, somehow, so you know where to glue the muff onto the end of the headband. Hot glue the end of the headband onto the cardboard part of the outside muff circle. Repeat with the second outside muff piece.

Muff 8

Using your hot glue, put glue all over the outside muff cardboard, and the part of the headband that’s glued to the cardboard. Adhere the inside muff circle, to the outside muff circle–press to secure, until cool. Repeat with the other side. Use your needle and thread to whip-stitch together the edge of each earmuff.

DIY Earmuffs for the whole family

This is such a fun winter project, and can be totally customized by using different fabrics–I even used an old sweater to make a pair for myself!

DIY Pokeball Earmuffs

Try using felt, like I did for this pair of Pokeball muffs I made for my son, to add embellishments to your earmuffs. Add polka-dots, make the muffs into animal faces, or flowers. What kind of fun earmuffs could you make?

Happy winter crafting!

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